Drone Delivery Canada is a disruptive, pioneering, technology company focused on designing, developing and implementing commercially viable, drone-based logistics systems for government, commercial, industrial, & retail customers globally. The Company’s patented, fully-integrated hardware/software platform is used in a managed service business model.

DDC provides a complete turnkey logistics solution that includes a proprietary software system (FLYTE), hardware and professional services, allowing for a safe and secure autonomous cargo delivery process from depot to depot. The Company’s current drone fleet offers a range between 30 and 200 km, with a payload capacity between 4 and 180 kgs.

We were the first drone logistics company in Canada to become certified as a “Compliant Operator” by Transport Canada, and produced the first delivery drone which met Transport Canada’s “compliant unmanned aircraft” standards, demonstrating our commitment to safety and innovation.

Flight Questions

The drone typically travels at 54km/h.

5 minutes each way.

200' above the water and ground.

The drone can carry up to 10lbs (4.3kg), and the payload compartment dimensions are 310mm x 201mm x 139.7mm (height).

The drone can operate day or night, and in weather conditions that include moderate rain, snow, and wind.

Operational Questions

The system safely runs unmanned, automatically, and is monitored from the DDC Operations Control Centre in Vaughan Ontario, all in compliance with government regulations.

The drone and DroneSpot communicate over multiple forms of communication (cellular/satellite).

At this stage, the safety pilot is present to ensure everything is operating accordingly and can take over, if necessary.

Our system constantly monitors all commercial aircraft and we always give way to manned aircraft.

All operations are conducted in accordance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations and Transport Canada flight authorizations.

Project Questions

In this case, DDC’s Sparrow drone solution is intended to limit person-to-person contact on GIFN’s island ferry service by transporting COVID-19 related cargo such as personal protection equipment (PPE), hygiene kits, test kits, test swabs, etc. While the drone is capable of transporting other types of cargo, this project is specifically intended to help to protect against the pandemic.

The project is fully funded by the federal government through Indigenous Services Canada.

6 months. There is potential to extend the term but that has yet to be determined.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-908-1715 or reach out to us at sales@dronedeliverycanada.com