Drone Delivery Applications

This disruptive technology enables communities and businesses with access to new markets, reduced lead times and costs, quickly becoming a vital tool to advance their delivery models and improve efficiency.


Drone Delivery Canada has taken autonomous drone delivery to an entirely new level, offering a variety of drone configurations for numerous healthcare applications. Our government approved drones can maintain temperature controlled cargo, allowing for the transport of time-sensitive medical, pharmaceutical and biological goods. The applications are limitless – we can deliver AEDs, blood, medical tests, organs, biologicals, radioisotopes, pharmaceuticals, emergency relief supplies, vaccines and more.


The current situation as related to COVID-19, as unfortunate and challenging as it is, demonstrates that delivery drones are an ideal solution to limit person-to-person contact in healthcare. Drone Delivery Canada is committed to helping Canada effectively manage the current situation and potentially help stop the pandemic, especially in remote communities.


If you are interested to learn more about a possible partnership in the healthcare space, please reach out by using our contact form.

Remote Communities

Drone Delivery Canada is able to utilize its next-generation drone logistics platform to assist in reaching and connecting the numerous remote communities which exist within Canada’s vast geography. Our technology can aid these communities to gain reliable, consistent, just-in-time access to essential goods including: medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, biologicals, food, e-commerce parcels, mail and other critical supplies.


Our drone delivery technology provides a very cost-effective, scalable logistics platform that can enrich the lives of Canadians in rural and remote Canada while creating local jobs, STEM training for youth and other economic benefits.


If you live in a remote community or know a location in Canada in which you believe our technology would provide a key benefit to your business, we want to hear from you in the contact form.


Drone Delivery Canada can modernize the cargo logistics and supply chain industry by creating sophisticated drone logistics networks at airports across the country. Increasing surface roadway congestion means that shippers & forwarders are looking for new solutions that quickly, reliably and efficiently expedite priority cargo – which is often high-value, low-weight and very time-sensitive, making it a perfect drone delivery application.


By integrating our infrastructure and creating numerous drone routes within the airport’s existing operation, Drone Delivery Canada can create a hub-and-spoke environment for the airport’s strategic customers and partners, potentially bringing tremendous logistical benefits to the region, and new revenue opportunities. Our drone logistics platform elevates intermodal connectivity to support the growing e-commerce, pharmaceutical, courier, mining and oil & gas sectors. Drone service can also help reduce the airport’s environmental footprint.


If your airport is interested in establishing a drone delivery hub, please reach out to us by using our contact form.

Oil & Gas

In the oil & gas industry, drones have proven to be an effective way to quickly deliver cargo between ground-based depots, as well as between oil rigs on land and at sea. Where it’s essential to ensure your operation stays up and running, Drone Delivery Canada’s turnkey drone logistics solution can help reduce operating costs (fuel, labour, maintenance, storage) and decrease risk to pilots and captains by switching to an autonomous delivery solution.


We offer the ability to operate multiple drones in parallel that can be dispatched with minimum turnaround times, significantly reducing lead times for critical cargo and decreasing the number of delivery trips. Drones can also be modified for various mission types: cargo, surveillance, inspection, emergency response, etc.


If you are interested in how Drone Delivery Canada can help you avoid unnecessary disruptions to your operation, please reach out to us by using our contact form.


Drone Delivery Canada offers a variety of drone logistics solutions for the complicated landscape of the mining sector. Our government-approved drones provide a transportation solution for critical time-sensitive deliveries like tools and replacement parts, core and water samples and general cargo in the areas that are difficult to reach with traditional transport.


Integrating our drone logistics solution into your operation will help minimize downtime while increasing productivity and profitability, reduce your equipment maintenance costs, increase the safety of staff onsite and help with the growing initiative to reduce your carbon footprint. We can also carry specialized cameras and sensors to aid in unique mining needs.


If you wish to explore drone delivery applications for your mine, please reach out to us by using our contact form.

Courier (Logistics)

The last mile can define a company’s profit or loss, and only one solution truly rises above the rest. With thousands of rural and suburban areas experiencing expensive and time-delayed delivery of general & e-commerce goods, Drone Delivery Canada’s managed drone logistics solution can help with the innovative ways to solve the current supply chain challenges. Our patented system provides a complete turnkey logistics solution for delivering cargo in hard to access locations and/or when time is of the essence.


If you struggle with costly last-mile logistics, our drone delivery platform can help reduce your shipping cost, improve operational efficiency, and even uncover new revenue opportunities. Our managed logistics solution provides you with hardware, software, and services and we are the first drone delivery company in Canada to be approved as a compliant operator of unmanned aircraft for cargo delivery by Transport Canada.


If you are looking to explore an innovative way to deliver cargo to your customers, please reach out to us by using our contact form.


Reimagine the way your commercial venture delivers cargo with Drone Delivery Canada’s disruptive technology. Our proven technology model is commercial deliveries to and from safe, secure, automated depot locations where your important cargo will travel without the requirement for a paved road or the hassle of sitting in traffic.


The applications include but are not limited to: shipping parts, tools, dyes, documents between your company’s facilities, or shipping packages to your customer’s depots, or even inbound from your suppliers. With our Transport Canada-approved, multi-drone fleet, you’re able to ship goods faster, easier and more cost-effectively, ultimately increasing your revenue, bottom line and customer satisfaction.


If you’re interested in learning more about how your organization could benefit from drone logistics, please reach out to us by using our contact form.

International Customers

For international applications, Drone Delivery Canada can license our solution to large companies who wish to be a drone logistics infrastructure company in their local country. Services such as business & technical consulting as well as support for certification with the local regulator are available. Once established, the supply of systems hardware, software and managed services are provided.


If you wish to be a drone logistics operator in your country, please reach out to us by using our contact form.

Other Applications

While our focus is predominantly on moving cargo, Drone Delivery Canada has proven experience in carrying specialized electronic equipment. Payloads can also be specialized cameras, sensors or other instruments for various applications such as – infrastructure inspection, military (C3I – command, control, communications, intelligence), border security, crowd monitoring, mining, oil & gas, surveying, mapping, crop spraying, etc.


If you have a unique application, please reach out to us by using our contact form.

Air Canada Partnership

Air Canada has partnered with Drone Delivery Canada as its exclusive drone delivery service provider – the first agreement of its kind globally. Air Canada Cargo acts as a sales and marketing agent for DDC, promoting and selling drone delivery services and giving the logistics community access to the growing potential of solving supply chain distribution-related issues through commercial drone deliveries. ACC has targeted up to 150,000 transactional routes to offer to their customers to help serve remote communities and increase efficiency in last-mile delivery across many verticals.


If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to us by using our contact form or to Air Canada Cargo directly at dronesales@aircanada.ca.