Our Story

Our vision is to be the premier drone delivery company globally.

Our Mission

Through our relentless focus on customers, employees and safety, we commercialize our technology to create new and innovative logistics platforms for companies and government agencies.


About Us

Founded in 2014, Drone Delivery Canada (“DDC”) is a publicly traded, award-winning, ISO 9001 certified, pioneering, technology company focused on designing, developing and implementing commercially viable, drone-based logistics systems. The Company's patented, fully integrated hardware/software platform is used in a managed service business model. We are fully commercialized, operational, and early-stage revenue-generating.

DDC provides a disruptive, advanced drone logistics infrastructure solution to support governments, commercial & industrial applications (emergency services, medical, last-mile delivery, mining, oil & gas, agriculture, parcel delivery, postal mail, military/security) and remote communities (Indigenous and non-Indigenous).

The solution is a fully integrated turnkey logistics platform including industrial-grade drones, automated DroneSpot(TM) depots, automated Battery Management Systems, a detect & avoid radar system, and proprietary FLYTE software to integrate all components into a safe & effective solution.

All flights are monitored from DDC’s Toronto Operations Control Centre, with operators supporting multiple drones at the same time, allowing for a scalable solution, compared to ground drone pilots paired to one drone at a time, as seen with many other drone companies. All patents and intellectual property belong to DDC.

Key Facts to Know

  • ISO9001 certification

    Drone Delivery Canada is an ISO9001 certified, award-winning, advanced technology company focused on developing, implementing and operating commercially viable, drone-based logistics systems for government, remote communities, and commercial, industrial & retail customers globally. The Company’s patented, fully-integrated hardware/software platform is used as a managed service in a SaaS business model. Drone Delivery Canada is commercialized, operational and early-stage revenue generating

  • DroneSpot® & FLYTE

    The proprietary solution uses industrial-grade drones, automated DroneSpot® depot infrastructure and DDC’s FLYTE software system to integrate all components into a safe & effective solution.

  • Operations Control Centre

    The system runs automatically without manual drone piloting. All flights are monitored in real-time from DDC’s Toronto Operations Control Centre, with trained operators supporting multiple drones simultaneously, allowing for an economically scalable solution. All patents and intellectual property belong to DDC.


Air Canada has partnered with Drone Delivery Canada as its exclusive drone delivery service provider – the first agreement of its kind globally. Air Canada Cargo acts as a sales and marketing agent for DDC, promoting and selling drone delivery services and giving the logistics community access to the growing potential of solving supply chain distribution-related issues through commercial drone deliveries


Changing the world is in our DNA

It is within the fabric of who we are