Questions ?  Let us answer your questions.


Is This For Real ?
Yes – technology is advancing, as is legislation. Drone deliveries will be a reality very very soon. We are creating a new industry, a disruptive technology.


Who Will Use This Service ?
The applications for this technology are endless. DDC’s drone delivery technology offers a logistic solution which can deliver faster, cheaper and way more “cool” than traditional services.


Are These Remote Control Drones ?
Although we have the ability to control these units via remote control, they are flying robots.  They have their own logic to understand and think.  With the use of advanced technology and sensors, these flying robots are a science marvel.


What Brands of Drones Do You Use ?
Drone Delivery Canada is developing their own drone units.


Is It Legal ?
Legislation is currently being drafted in Canada and the United States to legalize commercial drone applications. We anticipate legislation will be enacted in Canada within the next 12-16 months. A number of countries have already legalized this technology and commercial drone applications are underway.


Is It Safe ?
Drones are no different than typical aircraft (planes), they require stringent operating principals and guidelines to ensure safety for all. Drone Delivery Canada is focused on maximizing safety and is hard at work developing redundant and fail safe systems to ensure our technology meets and exceeds all safety guidelines.


Which Retailers Offer DDC Services ?
We are currently testing with a number of large retailers to integrate Drone Delivery Canada’s technology into their business operations.   Announcements will be coming out soon.


I Want More Information !
We are here to answer your questions.   Please complete the Contact Us Form and we will get back to you ASAP.