Our People Experience: Thomas Leung (Summer Intern)

September 18, 2019

Thomas Leung (Summer Intern)

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“I will miss the tight-knit community at DDC…”


Another one of our amazing Summer Interns, Thomas Leung who has a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) in Engineering and completing his Masters in Aerospace Engineering at University of Toronto, had this to say about LifeatDDC.


Why did you choose DDC for your internship? Did DDC live up to your expectations?

I chose DDC for my Summer internship because I wanted to work in a fast-paced aerospace engineering team. I had the freedom and opportunity to quickly model and test various design prototypes, which facilitates the rapid design iteration process. Personally, I enjoyed this way of work and DDC provided the perfect work environment for me.



Tell us about your work experience? What did you find most interesting or rewarding?

I was responsible for a mechatronics project. As a student with an aerospace background, there was a steep learning curve for me to understand things outside of my field. From network architecture to detailed mechanical design to project management, I went through the various aspects of an engineering project concurrently. There was no mundane day in DDC, and I faced new challenges everyday.



Do you believe DDC helped your career development? If yes, how?

With the freedom provided at work, I think DDC has helped my career development tremendously.  I applied and realized theories which I had learned from lectures and faced real-life design problems. But I think the most important thing I have learnt is the mindset – to keep pushing for a quicker, better solutions.



What will you remember the most about your time with us?


I will miss the tight-knit community at DDC. My colleagues are very helpful if I have any questions regarding my project as well as other on-going projects. Even if they are unable to give me an answer, I can always rely on their useful pointers to find my way. It was a privilege to work with a team of diligent and enthusiastic colleagues. I also particularly enjoy the long bike rides to and back from work with some of my colleagues. Commuting has never been so much fun!




If you were to choose 1 word to describe your experience what would it be?




What soft technical skills did you develop with us?

Like I mentioned before, there was a steep learning curve. In fact, there was always something to learn. I think my internship at DDC familiarised me with asking open-ended questions and developed my ability to learn on-the-go.  Because almost all engineering projects are multi-disciplinary in nature, it is impossible that you understand every aspect of the project beforehand. I have learnt the importance of knowing how to find resources, what to ask and who to direct my questions to.

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