Our People Experience: Abdul Derh (Summer Intern)

August 30, 2019

This is #LifeatDDC


This is what one of our amazing Summer Interns, Abdul Derh (Undergraduate Engineering student at University of Toronto), had to say about Life@DDC.


Why did you choose DDC?

I’ve been a very involved member at our University’s “Drone” design team for a few years now. I chose DDC because it allowed me to test my knowledge in industry. DDC exceeded my expectations in many regards. For one, I’m thoroughly impressed with the high-level of professionalism in DDC flight operations. I am also impressed at the number of technical design challenges here.



What was the DDC work experience like?

My work experience has been very diverse – some days I was writing detailed technical reports and other days I was machining my designs. Personally, this level of diversity is where I work best. I find this rewarding because I’m able to see my design through, from the requirements phase all the way to implementation.



Did DDC help in your career development?

Certainly! In the few months I’ve been here, I’ve applied almost every skill that I’ve learned at school or in other workplaces. This includes soft skills like effective communication and project management, but I’ve also refined my technical skills like engineering analysis and design.



What will you remember the most about your time with us?

I’ll remember the Canada Day celebration activity, where the entire DDC team went to a local park to eat dinner and play sports. That was an excellent way to unwind and connect with co-workers.



If you were to choose 1 word to describe your experience what would it be?




What soft technical skills did you develop with us?

Communication, project management and collaboration. 

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