Flight Systems

As core components to the Drone Delivery Canada platform, our flight systems encompass numerous levels of security, redundancy and resiliency.

Utilizing industry leading software, customization, and patent pending architecture, Drone Delivery Canada has a group of applications that come together under an umbrella to provide a complete solution for the delivery industry.  The flight systems cover all aspects of a UAV from the operational component, but also integrate the logistics integration.  The operational platform includes full operational guidance, route planning, geo-fencing, alerts, telemetry, maintenance, logs, and full Preventative Maintenance scheduling and tracking.

Our logistics integration includes all the necessary client API’s to integrate into some of the leading ERP systems and include way billing, parcel receipt, delivery, live tracking, and visual package delivery confirmation.

The entire solution is part of Drone Delivery Canada’s service, and are all managed in real time from our centralized Mission Control Centre in Vaughan, Ontario.